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Now after the corona, it is very important to establish a hand-washing habit, which is an important method of controlling infectious diseases at home and at school.

In Japan, special activities are included in the curriculum guidelines, in which each child is encouraged to make decisions about the solution of his or her own problems and to persistently put these decisions into practice.

(In Japan, these activities are called as "Classroom Activities (2)"; while in Egypt, they are introduced under the name "Classroom instructions .")

In this example, we will introduce an activity using "Classroom instruction" method in which the teacher does not teach the children how to wash their hands, but each child finds out what he or she needs to do, makes decisions about hand washing, and persistently put them into practice toward realization.

 Target grade:

 Elementary school, junior high school, high school, and adults

 Activity category:

Tokkatsu, health and hygine


 About an hour once a year


Through a simple experiment to verify how they wash their hands, they will learn about the areas that are not being washed well, discover the best way to wash their hands, and try to practice it.

At one of theElementary Schoolin Tokyo, the source of the materials, the mixed-agegroup is called "Nakayoshikko group (close friend group)," and that word is used in some of the materials.

 Teaching materials and equipment necessary:

*Note: The hand washing experiment using the iodine starch reaction described here was based on the practice of JICA volunteers who were engaged in health activities in economically poor areas of Ecuador, South America.

 Implementation procedures:

Conduct the experiment in accordance with the experiment guide and lesson plan.


  • Explanation of the Classroom Instruction
  • Basic Instruction Process for Classroom Instruction (Summary) (click here for the document: Jpn., Eng.)
  • More detail about Classroom Instruction: Example of Teacher's Guide from Egypt (click here for the document: Jpn., Eng.)

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