Developing Healthy Life Habits through Regular Exercises

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The base for maintaining healthy living through one's entire life would be created in early childhood where children get their minds and body busy working in daily life. Japanese official curriculum "Course of Study for Kindergarten" stresses that children shall be engaged in exercises so that they get used to such healthy routine when they grow up. Trusting relatioship with other children and adults around them should be necessary for nurturing sound mind of children. Teachers shall build trusting relatiohship among children in the class, so that they have fun in playing and learning together. Teachers shall engage with each and every child of the class, and monitor each one's development. So as to ensure the sound development of mind and body of children there.

 Target grade:

All ages in Kindergarten

 Activity category:

Kindergarten, Group play, Exercise


30 to 40 minutes


  • To enjoy moving one's own body so that to enhance the rediness for exercises in one's own life
  • To enjoy a sense of fulfillment through acting cheerfully and liberally in class

 Teaching materials and equipment necessary:

An example "Carrying a Ball Relay" from Teacher's Guide developed in JICA's technical cooperation project in Egypt (Jap., Eng., Arabic)

 Implementation procedures:

(1) A teacher explains to children the rule and how to play the game.

(2) Children shall be devided into a few groups. Each group make a line and the two children at the front of the line will receive the ball.

(3) A pair of children at the front of the line spread a large piece of cloth and put the ball on it. The pair carry the ball to the corn and turn around and come back to the starting point.

(4) The next pair of children takes over the pieace of cloth and the ball and do the same. When the last pair of children finishes that the game ends. The group that finishes first is the winner. Therefore, teacher should make sure to have equal number of pairs for each group.


Course of study for Kindergarten (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (Japanese, English.)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Technical Cooperation "The Project for Creating Environment for Quality Learning" (Japanese)

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