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Figure 1. Let’s make this Kelas Anak Ceria (A Class of Joyful Children)

Entering the 2020/2021 school year, the Covid-19 pandemic has not subsided. All schools are still implementing distance learning. The teachers at SD Santo Yusup 2 Bandung realized that they would open the school year on July 19, 2020 without meeting the new students face-to-face. At the school meeting two weeks earlier, an idea was raised about how to start the school year as a golden experience even in limited circumstances. From there, the teachers design what they call as Golden Weeks. The first week focuses on building good relationships with our own self, with peers or with teachers. The second week focuses on building inner-motivation.

Through Golden Week, the teacher invites students to build self-awareness so that they can feel the presence and togetherness with the teacher and their peers. With the foundation of awareness, relationships and motivation, the teacher hopes that students can conduct class discussions both related to subjects, managing activities in the classroom and at home, as well as after school activities. In addition, children can feel a learning atmosphere that is involving, self-supporting and cooperates with each other.

   Target grades:

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 Play Group, Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School.

Class Discussion 

About half to an hour a day


Through class discussions during the Golden Weeks period, students learn to build self-awareness through sensing, making relation through small group discussions and express their potential and motivation through projects so that they can learn from each other as to form the foundation of classroom culture and management.

Teaching Materials

  • Devices and applications for online learning
  • Pair Talk Protocol
  • ‘Have You Ever...’ Game
  • Home Activities (e.g. Cooking or Breakfast)
  • Simple Tools for Making Projects

Implementation Procedures

Considering the time constraints during the pandemic, Golden Week is designed for two weeks with a daily duration of 30-60 minutes. Most of the activities include processing the five senses, games and discussions that involve all students, especially through the application of Breakout Room and JamBoard to express ideas.

First Week of Golden Week

In general, the first week focuses on self-awareness through sensing. 

The first day focuses on 'sensing' the eye. In the first session, the children were asked to open the camera and then look at their own face which was seen on the Zoom screen. The goal is to learn to understand your potential. The second session, the children were asked to look at the faces of their classmates. The goal is to learn to see the diversity of uniqueness in the class. In the third session, the children were asked to look at the teacher's face. The goal is to form a connection between teacher and student.

Day two focuses on the sense of hearing. Children are involved in mindful and empathic listening sessions, starting in pairs, a group of four and class discussions (See also The Joy of Listening to Each Other).

Day three focuses on the expression of experience and honesty. Through the game Have You Ever ...?, students learn to honestly express their experiences. For example, a child tells that he has attended a school Zoom session but has not had time to take a shower. At first, it was the teacher who asked the question Have You Ever...?. Then the children enthusiastically asked the question Have You Ever ...? From how to ask and respond to Have You Ever, teachers and children not only learn to be honest, but also learn to not see situations from the right or wrong side. That way, teachers and children can see the other side that has not been revealed.

Figure 2. Show us your YES (YA) card if you ever have ...

Day Four focuses on sensing touch, smell and taste. A few days earlier the children were asked to eat fresh food (without cooking such as fruits and vegetables) and the next day they planned to have breakfast together. Through cooking and eating together, children apply listening skills while sharing awareness (sensing) and preferences (food). The purpose of the fourth day is that children can plan something and can enjoy time they spent together.

Figure 3.Let’s share the joy of having breakfast together

Day five focuses on project planning. Through small group discussions, children express their interests and then choose what they want to make and how to share roles and responsibilities. The purpose of this activity is to give children an idea of how they form and manage small teams. 

Second Week of Golden Week 

In general, the second week focuses on children to learn to try something that they made while learning to form and manage the group.

Day One, students are given time to design and make something that they find interesting. The teacher then invites them to reflect on their process of making something.

On the second day, the students are given time to work on something they had tried before. Then the teacher asks to reflect on the role and contribution of each group member.

On the third day, the students are given time to continue their work while being reminded to focus more on what is substantial in the project and what is important for the creation of teamwork.

Figure 4.Students-led class discussion on project creation and teamwork building

On the fourth day, the students are given the opportunity to prepare a presentation about the projects and their teamwork. In this student-led activity, each group focuses on mastering the essence of the project and their own team.

On the fifth day, each group share stories about the project creation process and the teamwork building.

The experience in the second week helps the teacher to invite students to reflect and discuss the goals and expectations of the class (what do you want to remember this class as). Hence, in the third week, the teacher engage students to create their classroom goal/mission for the whole year: A Class of Joyful Children.

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