Healthy Club (Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Children)

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This is an example of activity for children who are observed with overweight and obesity. For children who are over a certain level of obesity, the school in this example provides monthly height and weight measurements, regular exercise, and information on good eating habits and lifestyle habits in cooperation with their parents.

Schools in Japan usually have teachers called "Yogo Kyoyu”, who are responsible for health and hygiene of students. They are stationed in the school healthcare room and taking care of physical and mental health of the students. They do also look after first aid for injuries and illnesses, health checkups, and health observation of students. The teacher for healthcare does not usually teach classes but may occasionally provide health education and guidance in cooperation with classroom teachers or physical education teachers.

In this activity, the teacher for healthcare provides health guidance to children in collaboration with the homeroom teacher, while the physical education teacher looks after children's exercises.

 Target grade:

All elementary school grades

 Activity category:

Health guidance, Preventative measures against obesity


During break times, etc.


  • The eating habits and lifestyles of children with obesity will be reviewed, so that they will start good habit for reducing the tendency.
  • For those who are not in the tendency, the activity provides motivation for maintaining the current state of height and weight growth.

 Teaching materials and equipment necessary:

  • Overall plan of guidance for children with obesity (draft), announcement to parents, and notification to teachers (Click here for the example:  EnglishArabic)
  • Graduation certificate (Click here for the example: English ,Arabic)

 Implementation procedures:

  Task Resposible staff
(1) Draft a plan and share among all staff Teacher for healthcare
(2) Make a list of children with obesity levels of 30% or higher Teacher for healthcare, homeroom teacher
(3) Send out an information letter to parents and ask them if they would like to participate in the Healthy Club School principal
(4) Children who wish to participate will have their height and weight measured once a month in the school healthcare room to get an idea of how their bodies are doing Teacher for healthcare
(5) Encourage children to do simple exercises so that they have a body that can easily burn fat Physical education teacher
(6) Provide daily encouragement  to the participating children Homeroom teacher
(7) Issue a newsletter once a month to share information on good eating habits and lifestyle habits for participating children and their parents Teacher for healthcare
(8) Anyone who falls below obesity level 30% obesity will graduates the club with certificate Teacher for healthcare


Three health newsletters informing about the implementation of Healthy Club activities (Japanese, Japanese, Japanese, English, English, English ,Arabic ,Arabic ,Arabic)

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