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Since wearing of masks were required in the school life including club activities under the Covid-19 crisis, we need to be more careful about heat stroke during the summer compared to normal times. Particularly for club activities, for those who feel unwell during the summer vacation period, the emergency kits are prepared to measure your body temperature and provide initial treatment to use by students themselves.
Since it is important to raise the awareness of each student and gain the understanding of their parents as well as the school's measures against the Covid-19 crisis, Bunkyo Gakuin Girls' Junior and Senior High School has disseminated corona-related information through Health newsletter. The school clinic is also used to ease the mental stress of school life by furnishing stuffed animals, as direct interaction among friends is limited due to the Covid-19 crisis.

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Junior High School and above

School Clinic



・Measuresfor heat stroke and other health problems in the Covid-19 crisis
・Raising students' awareness and sharing informationwith their parents regarding measures against the Covid-19
・Mental Care under the Covid-19

Teaching materials and equipments

・Health newsletter
・Goods for Heatstroke, Disinfection Liquid, Thermomater etc.

Implementation Procedure

- Measures for heat stroke and illness caused under the Covid-19
First aid kits, including thermometers and ice pillows, will be placed so that students can use the school clinic even when the nurse is not available during the summer vacation. Students will be able to take care of themselves by filling in the usage record when using the room.

- Health News
The School nurse prepared a health newsletter about once a month (see reference materials) and distributed it to students.
We have been preparing health bulletins since normal times, but during the corona cisis, we also prepared a bulletin that focused on corona topics.

- Stuffed animal for mental health
Many stuffed animals are placed on the sofa in the infirmary. Students who come to the school clinic can touch them at any time. The stuffed animals are washed once a week to prevent corona.


- Health Newsletter (April, 2021) (JapaneseEnglishArabicIndonesian
- Health Newsletter (June, 2021) (JapaneseEnglishArabicIndonesian
- Health Newsletter (July, 2021)  (JapaneseEnglishArabicIndonesian
- Health Newsletter (September, 2021) (JapaneseEnglishArabicIndonesian

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