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This is an example of an activity that aim to raise children's awareness of the need to prevent coronavirus infections by providing them with opportunities to learn about basic knowledge of coronavirus infections and measures of prevention , through awarding certificates to children who pass a simple examination to assess their level of understanding.

Schools in Japan usually have teachers called "Yogo Kyoyu”, who are responsible for health and hygiene of students. They are stationed in the school healthcare room and taking care of physical and mental health of the students. They do also look after first aid for injuries and illnesses, health checkups, and health observation of students. The teacher for healthcare does not usually teach classes but does provide health education and guidance in cooperation with homeroom teachers. This is because they are experts in the field of health and have a good understanding of the health of infant, children, and students in daily basis, so it should make a significant impact on student.

Here is an example where a teacher for healthcare prepares learning materials according to the developmental stage of the children, and the children learn it and take a small quiz and receive a certificate.

 Target grade:

All elementary school grades

 Activity category:

Health guidance, Preventative measures against COVID-19


Once a year during Tokaktsu (or health and physical education )


  • Understand the basic knowledge of COVID-19 infections and measures for preventing it.
  • Gain motivation to practice the preventative measures against COVID-19 every day.

 Teaching materials and equipment necessary:

 Implementation procedures:

(1) Provide health guidance to children using the above-listed study materials. In case if it is conducted in Tokkatsu period, the homeroom teacher in charge of Tokkatsu and the teacher for healthcare will collaborate in conducting the activity, and in cases if it is done in PE, the teacher in charge of health and physical education and the teacher for healthcare will collaborate in doing so.

(2) At the end of the learning activity, the children will take COVID-19 Quizz

(3) The teacher evaluates the quiz and provides COVID-19 Study Certificate to the students. Additional support should be given to those students who do not answer all questions until all receive their certificates.


A school newsletter reporting about the COVID-19 study (Click here for the example: Japanese, English, Arabic ,Indonesian).

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