How to brush your teeth properly to protect your precious teeth.

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Students began to reflect on how to brush their teeth and brush the gaps, backside, and back of their teeth so that there will be no leftovers.

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4th grades in primary school

  1. Morning meeting time (questionnaire, 5 minutes)
  2. Tokkatsu (1 class, 45 minutes)
  3. Morning activity time (second dyeing → brushing teeth, 15 minutes)
  4. End of day meeting time (review, 10 minutes)


  • Students are motivated to find their own problems in brushing their teeth and continue to brush their teeth carefully.
  • Students deeply understand "how to brush their teeth properly".
  • Through the experience of putting their own decisions into practice, students develop an attitude of making efforts to solve their own problems.

Teaching materials and equipments

  • Toothbrushes, towels, clothespins (*Students prepare by themselves.)
  • Paper cups (*School provide)
  • Hand mirrors (*School provide)
  • Dyeing chemicals (number of children X2 times portion) (*School provide)
  • Teeth models and toothbrushes (big ones for presentation) (*School provide)

Implementation Procedure

Every year in June, many schools set up a cavity prevention month. The class was scheduled in the annual plan and in consultation with the school nurse to increase interest in cavity prevention.

Solution 1:
In order to check how well students brushing their teeth, the students used dyeing chemical to check the stains. The class was held in the first or second period to not be much seperated than the morning teeth brushing.

Solution 2:
Students checked the teeth, dyed with the color, and marked in the diagram of the teeth in the worksheet, in order for them to realize where they have the most unbrushed teeth.

Solution 3:
A school nurse explained how to brush the areas that are often difficult to brush. Using a big model of a tooth and toothbrush, the school nurse explained how to brush according to each area , such as how to hold, face and move the toothbrush. Based on these explantion, students brush their teeth again to remove the stain which are colored with dyeing chemical.

Solution 4:
Based on what students learnt on the class, each student decided her/his own goal to improve brushing-teeth-skills, and shared it with other students.  After that they tried to achieve the goal for one week. 

After one week, in the morning time, students checked the stains on their teeth again with dyeing chemical and reflected on whether they had improved brushing-teeth-skills or not. The students shared their impressions of the week and acknowledged each other's efforts. Afterwards, the teacher praised the students for their efforts and told them that permanent teeth are to be vlaued for a lifetime, encouraging them to continue their efforts in their life.

During and after the activity:
During the brushing-teeth time after lunch, students were seen brushing their teeth more carefully and diligently than before the class.
*The students in the photo are writing their goals on the "Tooth Brushing Calendar", a homework in every summer vacation, and many of them could write specific brushing-teeth tips based on what they worked on in the class in June.

Voices of children

  • I was happy to find that I can brush the backside of my teeth cleanly now, and there was much less stains than the first time.

  • I was glad I was able to remember what we did in the class and work on it for a week. I want to continue to brush my teeth carefully.

  • When my mother told me that my teeth had become clean, I was glad that I had worked so hard.

From the author

  • This activity is best done in grades 1 to 4 (when the teeth are replacing with the permanent ones). 

  • We purchased the dyeing liquid after consulting with the school nurse and adminstrative staff. In this activity, we did it twice, but even once is expected to be effective enough.


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