Bunkyo Gakuin Girls' Junior High School and High School: Group studies about pregnant women and newborns health in developing countries

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At the school festival in 2019, the issue of pregnant women in developing countries was taken up in the class exhibition of the 1st grade of high school.
While tackling the issue of pregnant women in the far away land of Africa, the ideas expanded to various related SDGs issues such as safe town development, safe water supply, sanitation, and health care.
As girls' schools Bunkyo Gakuin Girls' Junior High School and High School may be got various sympathies for the tasks that the same woman has, and not only did understanding it by the minds , but also many students regarded the tasks as their own, So the learning was deepened . At the workshop during the school festival, we made a pig shape saving box using Plastic bottles and donated the collected amounts received from the visitors of the poster to UNICEF. (In order to be able to link the donation to each interest, we did not donate all at once, but specified the breakdown of the donation.).

   Target grades:

   Activity Category:   


Junior High School and above

School Festival / Explatory study

2 periods for grouping,
2 periods for in-class presentation
(group research, summary, and preparation for the workshop are at the responsibility of each group)


Think about the SDGs from the perspective of maternal issues in Africa and deepen your understanding of the issues that occur in the world.

Teaching materials and equipments

・School letter (see References)

Implementation Procedure

(1) Watch YouTube videos published by the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

(2) Write down your "connection" on a sticky note and share them with the group (made up of simple seats). 
"Connection": Things that caught students' attention or interested about the theme.

(3) Form groups of people with the same " connection " and start exploring. (See References)

(4) Visit to UNICEF House as part of the summer vacation seminar (mandatory for all classes)

(5) Conducting poster sessions and workshops at the school festival
At the school festival, each group made a poster of their research and displayed it.
At the culture festival, we also held pig shape saving box workshop and an SDGs Suguroku Board game for visitors to experience. Visitors who participated in the pig shape saving box workshop were encouraged to write their own action goals regarding the SDGs on the pig saving box, and when they were able to put them into practice, they were encouraged to save and donate money. Regardless they participated in the workshop or not, they were able to donate and put it in the pig saving box . Also, in the SDGs Suguroku Board game, we created a system where participants can donate to UNICEF.


School Letter: Exploratory activities have started (English / Japanese / Arabic / Indonesian)

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